Coca Cola 🌲 Treecording

Christmas is a pivotal moment of the year that embodies Coca-Cola’s core values,
and the beauty of sharing joyful moments with loved ones.

In 2021 having just launched the Real Magic platform, Coca-Cola wanted to create
an immersive digital experience for people to live the magic of a special Christmas,
bringing them closer together.

The idea was to create magical festive greetings with a tool that turns the unique sound waves
of voices into a virtual and shareable Christmas tree.

Using 3D design, augmented reality mapping and sound reactive programming
The Treecording generates one-of-a-kind greetings, each unique as the voice that shaped it.

                                When the tree is shared, recipients can let it grow
 and listen to the recording wherever they wish.

The Treecording reached more than one million unique visits with a 143% share rate,
helping family and friends connect and share the magic of Christmas
wherever they were, with personalized greetings.